Youth Gist is a youth show that gists about the issues around the youth. It takes us through the journey of growing up as teens to young adults and things we get attracted to as we grow up, especially on what happens around the society we living in, the impact of what we see and hear from the media and around us.

Nothing is an abomination to discuss on this show because youth Gist understands that truth is the only thing that sets us free, therefore we discuss things as they are, in short we call a spade a spade without being offensive of course.

We pride our self for being so unique and entertaining because we involve everyone to be part of our show, from the people on the street, back home and in the studio. There is a lot of information, gossips motivation, advises and just gists about anything you can imagine.

Have you ever wondered what do young people talk about when they are together for so long and their gist never ends? well done with curiosity, youth gist is going to give you all you need to know about what happens in the youth circle! and you do not have to miss a minute of this exciting show presented by the gorgeous Jessie and the muscular and handsome Joel.

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